Politik und Bild

A long-term study on perceptual transformations within the last three and a half decades

Artists: Collections of essays from different decades with references e.g. to the Digital Gallery in the Berlin Gemäldegalerie, to O. Winston Link, to Galileo Galilei by Fritz Cremer and much more ….

Abstract: The political today is confronted with the problem of necessarily recovering responsibility for the technical conditions of contemporary culture. Politics and images are aimed at readers who want to experience the relationship between politics and the visual media. It is a long-term study of the changes in perception of the present that were initiated by postmodernism on the one hand and computer culture on the other. The period under examination reveals a problem: The future was always occupied in advance. The texts on hand – many of them previously unpublished – refer to this: First, they provide independent contributions to the discourse worlds of contemporary art and media theory. Secondly, they refer to two complementary fields of practice that are characterised by the exhibition space and the digital space.

Politics and Images provide the reader with an overview of these changes. and Image Critical questions about the visualisation of data and the relationship between old and new visual media are in the foreground. The Gestaltung (design) and content of politics and images complement each other: the four decades are juxtaposed by four parts. The transitions between the individual four parts are used for reflections in order to better understand and assess the time periods dealt with. All the texts are presented in a fluent style of argumentation, loosened up with understandable transitions and summaries of contemporary history, numerous picture examples and tables, and supplemented by four collages that illustrate the past decades.

Hardcover: 680 pages
Marburg: Tectum Verlag 2016
Language: german
ISBN-10: 3828837417
ISBN-13: 978-3828837416