Kunstlicht I Artificial Light



Arthur Engelbert and the participating artists will show how much time, space and art are interwoven by means of light walks, different forms of meditation and thematically changing acoustic and visual works of art. At three artistic events in Sicily, the idea of artificial light in its composite form is developed: At the solstice on June 21 each year, meditation was held in the Castello di Ficarra of the mountain village of the same name with a view of the rising sun. In the evening hours the opening of the artistic installations and photo exhibitions took place in Palazzo Milio, famous for its art exhibitions.
With contributions from: Timo Brüsewitz, Benjamin Flesser, Kai Gregor, Céline Keller, Volkhard Kempter and Marek Poźniak


Hardcover: 216 pages
Tectum Verlag, 2020
Bilingual: german/english