Ansichtssachen der Kunst – Views of Art



1) Arthur Engelbert
Views of Art
2) Arthur Engelbert
The Unculture of Intervention
3) Maike Pagel
Liquid Identities.The Invention of Cultural Identity by means of Hybridization
4) Wolf Borchers:
David Goldblatt. Fifty Years of South African History Observed by the Camera
5) Katharina Dietz
Francis Alÿs. Cultural and Medial Border Crossings in the „Global Village“. On the Relationship of Hearing and Seeing in the Contemporary Art
6) Sarah Miltenberger
China’s Contemporary Art. The Question of Collective Identities
7) Timo Kapeller
Institutional Memory. On the the documenta’s Remembrance and Forgetting. An Analysis of Works by Josef Beuys and Thomas Hirschhorn
8) Hermann Voesgen
Package Tour of Adventure?


Paperback: 250 pages
Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann Verlag, 2005
Language: germanh/english
ISBN-10: 3826030222
ISBN-13: 978-3826030222